WE Innovate
aiKNIT invents cutting edge material technology and Wearable AI to enhance human capability, performance and wellbeing.
Aloe Health
Digitally transforming mental health assessment and support for parental wellbeing.
Athena Stirring Stick
We at Athena are developing a line of stir-stick-like-devices that bar, pub and club patrons will use to detect the presence of date rape drugs in their beverages.
Helping you stay informed on waiting times in A&E
Its a baby bottle worn on a breast
Carbon Cell
Carbon Cell is a carbon negative biodegradable replacement for EPS and other polymer-based foams
CLIP breaks down your energy-bills to empower you to make informed choices.
DeSolve Technology
DeSolve Tech is a company developing an algorithmic solution to aid drug carrier design for cancer treatment.
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