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a B2B SaaS tool that alleviates barriers to accessing large-scale micro-influencer marketing campaigns, through an automated influencer management and operation process
7th Story
We help leaders intentionally develop and pen their personal and professional leadership, weaving their story with others to build legacy, showing up authentically in every sphere of influence while cultivating impact for good.
All in Tech
Effective soft skills in virtual reality to enable greater inclusivity in the workplace.
Cerrency will offer the ability to make cash deposits into any major crypto wallet and international bank account, with no existing bank account or long sign up needed.
Circular Threads
Marketplace for South Asian fashion
We support organisations in diversifying their workplace and implementing inclusive policies to create an equitable working environment.
A solution to help couples share chores & childcare
Ishah Pharah
Property development company helping people realising potential of garden space.
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