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Male fertility testing from the comfort of your own home.
King's College London
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Approximately 1 in 12 men are subfertile. Sperm counts have halved in the past 40 years. Men often only find out about their fertility when trying for children.
Malebox has developed an at-home test that is a diagnostic tool to provide men with information about their fertility and personalised advice on how to improve, maintain or preserve it through lifestyle interventions. Malebox provide additional products and services to support men throughout their fertility journey.
Business Model
Selling direct to consumer as well as offering an at home alternative to fertility clinics & insurers offering fertility treatments.
We provide men with the three main factors assessed in a gold standard in person semen analysis - Count, motility and morphology. At home tests currently provide count and motility. In person testing requires analysis within 60mins, our solution allows for analysis over a period of days.
Malebox are a team of 4 with 20+ years experience in Healthcare/Health technology and one medical device company exit. The team has a varied skill set covering commercial, clinical engineering, software development and product design.
We have tested our approach against in person gold standard semen analysis in over 130 men in a clinical study. Proving technical feasibility and gaining clinical buy in from our partner laboratory.
Looking For
£500k investment and connections.
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Malebox is the trading name of MALEBOX HEALTH LTD incorporated and registered in England & Wales with company number 12291119 whose registered office is at PO Box SW9 9PD, 108 Hubert Grove, London, England, SW9 9PD.
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Jonny East
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Passionate about using technology to improve healthcare. Jonny is a biologist with experience in health tech consulting and medical device development.
Becky Kay
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A clinical scientist at Guys and St Thomas' Hospital, with an engineering background and a PhD in imaging sciences. Experienced in designing and conducting clinical studies as well as managing various medical device programmes.
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