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King's College London
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Biological data is incredibly complex, 90% of pharmaceutical scientists cant make sense of an emerging data class called knowledge graphs which are becoming the standard medium for analysis, because they don't know code. Even for computational experts available tools for data management are broken.
A no code operating system that hugely streamlines knowledge graph ingestion, visualisation, analysis and gene recommendation system build. Scientists can conduct hypothesis to insight workflows in 10X the time 1 hour compared to 3 weeks. This leads to 10,000s of hours and £Ms of cost saved across organisations
Business Model
Initially we will license our software platform, then we will integrate a data marketplace where companies pay to have their data curated and supplemented, then we will develop our own pharmaceutical assets.
Our platform is built around an operating system concept, we are database agnostic so can integrate customer datasets, we have the most modern tech stack and advanced analytics feature suite and finally we utilise a data marketplace where novel data sources can be accessed
Our team brings a unique mix of bio, business, data and software expertise. Jamie saw the issues in R&D first hand for global pharmaceutical companies and lead deployments of data/ AI solutions into the NHS. Ben ships, iterates and understands customers in depth through his experience building data enabled software products
£20k revenue - (Global Pharmaceutical Company - 300 users)
Looking For
£120k investment (as part of £300k preseed round, £1.5M premoney)
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Jamie Cartland
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I'm Jamie, I've worked at the bench in research, with global pharma/ biotech on R&D innovation and in startups deploying healthcare AI. I want to produce incredibly intuitive tools that free the worlds bio-data and lead to better medicines for patients
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